Pitching 365

A Year Long Program For The Serious Pitcher

This is the exact pitching program that I used when I was in Pro Ball that had me topping out at 96mph. It is no miracle program, it will take hard work and dedication, but if you are ready to put forth the effort, I guarantee you will see big improvements!

This program will help you become a better pitcher, throw harder, and keep you free from injury.

By following the daily workouts and keeping track day by day of what you are accomplishing, you will be able to see the results!

Great program! I can already feel the difference in my arm strength and I think my mph is up! Thanks!


I bought this for my son who is in Little League. He is not old enough to use all the workouts but I learned many things about pitching from this book that I plan to teach him as he gets older. We can already see an improvement with the exercises that we are using. Thanks.

Mike H.

The benefit of using this program is that you will be using the same workouts that MLB pitchers are using today. If you plan to be one in the future, why not workout like one now?

This is the best pitching program on the internet, not only because of the information but it is by far the most affordable of it's kind.

This E-Program is downloadable as a .pdf file

:: Why did you stop selling this program as a hard copy and now only sell it as an "E-Program"?

I made the switch over to an E-Program for a few reasons. The first was because it would cut the cost drastically to you guys. Because I have made the switch to an E-Program, you guys are getting the same great program for less than half the price. The other reason I switched was because of shipping. I had one of these hard copy programs returned to sender and it was torn up, dirty, and looked like it had been in a war. Now, not only will we not have to worry about the post office handling the program, but you will be able to download it instantly to your computer without any shipping costs at all.

:: How can I get one of the old "hard copies"?

All you have to do is buy the E-Program and print it out. If you go to your local print shop (Staples, Office Max, etc) they will punch holes in it and bind it for you for like $2-$3.


This is what you get...

  • Stretching Routines
    There are 3 stretching routines in this program. Each stretching routine is used at different times for different exercises/workouts. Every workout/exercise/action will be labeled with one of the stretching routines to make sure you are warmed up or cooled down properly for the day.

  • Weight Training
    There are 6 weight training routines that are broken down into 4 different seasons. The in-season workouts, post-season workouts, off-season workouts, and pre-season workouts. All of the workout routines include upper body weight training and lower body weight training.

  • Hip and Core Routines
    There are 4 hip and core routines that focus on strengthening and stretching the hips and the abs. This is where a lot of your power comes from in pitching and these routines will get you ready for the upcoming season and maintain your explosiveness throughout the year.

  • Conditioning
    There are many different long distance and sprint exercises that will be used as a balanced condition program which will tie into all of the other daily routines that you will be performing for maximum pitching success.

  • Speed and Agility Training
    Pitching is a very explosive movement in which speed and agility training play a big part. With the speed and agility exercises mixed into the program, you will maximize explosiveness on the mound which will translate into more velocity and all around better agility fielding your position.

  • Plyometrics
    Just some more explosive jumping and side to side movements that will add explosiveness to everything you do on the mound.

  • Throwing Program
    I pride myself on having one of the best throwing programs out there. It is a perfect mix of long toss, bullpens, short toss, and flat grounds. While other programs focus on how far you can throw the ball in long toss, this program is a modified long toss program which doesn't go out as far as others but makes up for it with the bullpens, short toss, and flat grounds (where you will really need the work). Trust me, this is the same program I used to throw 96 mph...IT WORKS!

  • Goal Setting
    If you are thinking about buying this e-program, that means you are already motivated to get better as a pitcher. Once you get this program, it will help you lay out what you really want as a pitcher. What goals you want to accomplish in the short term and long term and help you strive towards them. Without a vision of where we want to be, we won't know how to get there. This program provides the way to success and asks you to commit to it by setting goals of your own.

  • Calendars
    There are monthly calendars that show everything you will be doing each day throughout the year. Here is where you can take a glimpse of what you week, month, or year will look like. It is a quick way to see what is coming up and what you will being doing on certain dates.

  • Daily Schedules
    Every single day will be broken down into a daily schedule. Here you will be able to keep track of your progress, write daily goals, keep notes, and refer back to weights and reps of your workouts.

  • Pitching Drills
    Some of the best pitching drills to keep your mechanics in line and fine tune any hiccups in your delivery.

  • Pitching Grips and How To Throw Different Pitches
    Some common pitching grips explained and how to throw each pitch.

  • Increase Velocity, Control, and Movement
    Tips on how to increase your velocity, control, and get more movement on your pitches.

This is a must have. I made my highschool baseball team because of this. I started throwing harder and I was able to pitch longer into the game like 7 inning complete games. I wish I found this earlier.

Nate Stevenson

Thank you so much for this great program. I just started coaching pitchers and needed a program that they could follow. They all love it and so do I. The website is great too!

Jake (and team)

Best pitching program I've used.

Ben Lintz

My fastball speed went from 82 to 88 in like 3 and a half months. I can't wait to see if it keeps going up


I love the throwing program in this. I have never had such a detailed throwing program. I'm feeling good so far with it. My arm doesn't hurt or get sore anymore and I'm able to go all the way out for long toss. I'm ready for my upcoming season!


I bought this for my son and he loves it. I see him writing in it all the time keeping track of his exercises. I always see him doing the ab exercises and I can tell a difference already. He says he has been throwing harder and feels great. Thanks for everything.

Sandy Thompson

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The original price of Pitching 365 was $40 Order now and you will get it for ONLY $18

Original Price : $40
Now Only: $18
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